Wrong focus

發佈時間: 2018/10/19

Wrong focus

林鄭月娥上星期訪問英華小學,但少有人討論林鄭的訪問內容,焦點大都放在美女小學老師,完全錯重點(wrong focus)……

名詞focus解「焦點、重點」,即是注意力或興趣的中心--centre of attention or interest。例句︰This ancient Chinese painting will become the focus of interest at the auction.(這幅中國古代繪畫將成為拍賣會的焦點。)This argument has a wrong focus and fails to address necessary issues.(這個論點的焦點錯誤,無法解決必要的問題。)His mother was sick and had become the focus of all his energies.(他的母親病了,他把全部精神都放在她身上。)

名詞focus還可以指「物理學的焦點、聚光點」。例如,set the focus of the camera lens(設定相機鏡頭的焦點);Many of the photos were totally out of focus.(許多照片完全不對焦。)

Focus可以用作動詞,解「集中、調節焦距」。例句︰We need to provide a quiet environment to allow children to focus on their homework and finish it.(我們需要提供安靜的環境,讓孩子專注於他們的功課並完成它。)How can I focus the lens on a close object?(如何將鏡頭對準近的物件?)


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