Attach to

發佈時間: 2018/09/05

Attach to

《延禧攻略》播放完畢,相信不少劇迷感到莫名的失落。大概是因為太投入了,依戀着劇中的角色(attached to the characters)。曲終人散,自然會感到失落。

動詞attach本義指「繫上、綁着、附上、連接」,要說明連接「到」那裏,需要後接介詞「to」--attach something to something。例句︰You will need to attach a photo to the application form.(你需要將照片附在申請表上。)You can attach the scanner to the computer using this USB cable.(你可以使用這USB電綫將掃描器連接到電腦。)

Attach也可以引伸指「把(責任、重要性、價值)歸附於」,常用attach blame/importance to somebody/something。例句︰She never attached blame to anyone for anything, and rarely complained.(她從未責怪任何人,而且很少抱怨。)We attach great importance to quality and sustainability.(我們非常重視質量和可持續性。)

Attach的過去分詞(past participle)attached可以用作形容詞,解「依戀、喜歡」,to like someone or something very much。句式用be attached to somebody/something。例句︰Young children are very attached to their parents.(年幼的小孩非常依戀父母。)She is very attached to the doll sewed by her mother.(她非常喜歡母親縫製的娃娃。)


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