Hard to please

發佈時間: 2016/12/21

Hard to please


Please一字常用作嘆詞,表示禮貌和客氣--「請」,例如,Two cakes, please.(請來兩件蛋糕。)Can you answer the phone, please?(你可以接電話嗎?)

Please也可以表示不耐煩,叫人「請不要……」例如,Please, would you stop complaining all day long?(請你停止一整天都在抱怨,好嗎﹖)Children, please!Stop making that sound for a second!I'm trying to focus.(孩子們,請停止製造那聲音一秒鐘!我正嘗試集中精力。)

Hard to please中的please一字則是動詞,指「使人滿意、使人高興、合……的心意」。例句:Just be yourself!You can never please everyone.(做你自己!你永遠不能取悅所有人。)She's apparently hard to please when it comes to relationships.(論到男女關係,她顯然是很難取悅。)He arranged a trip to the Disneyland at Christmas to please his son.(為使兒子高興,他安排了在聖誕節去迪士尼樂園。)


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