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卸任在即的美國總統奧巴馬發表告別演說,流露感性一面,多謝太太米歇爾的演辭令人感動:"...You took on a role you didn't ask for and made it your own with grace and with grit and style and good humor."(「你承擔了一個你並未要求的角色,並以優雅、勇氣、氣派和幽默感,使它成為你自己的角色。」)

Grit一字分別有具體和抽象的意義。Grit具體指「沙礫、沙粒」,由於是指「非常細小的石頭或沙子」,所以是不可數名詞(uncountable noun)。例句:There's a small piece of grit in my eye.(我眼裏有一小塊沙礫。)

至於grit的抽象意義,劍橋字典是這樣定義的:courage and determination despite difficulty(迎難以上的勇氣和決心)。

因為意思抽象,grit作「勇氣、毅力」解時,也是不可數名詞。例句:It takes true grit to stage a protest against the government.(抗議政府確實需要勇氣。)The players showed their true grit against an incredibly strong team.(面對非常強勁的球隊,球員表現出堅決的勇氣。)


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