Never catch up

發佈時間: 2016/12/16

Never catch up

樓價持續上升多年,人工卻永遠追不上(never catch up)。無論誰當下屆特首,住屋樓價必定是最棘手的問題之一。

短語動詞(phrasal verb)catch up解「趕上」。具體可以指「品質或水準落後於人,所以要迎頭趕上」,例如,At the moment, our service standard is higher, but Shanghai is quickly catching up with us.(目前,我們的服務水平較高,但上海很快會趕上我們。)Catch up亦可以指「之前沒有時間完成,現在趕做、補做」,例如,He always get up early to catch up with his work.(他經常早起趕工作。)

Catch up可以後接介詞(preposition)with或者on,點出要趕上甚麼。如果說「趕上某人」,一定要用with:to catch up with somebody;說「趕上某事」,則with或者on均可:to catch up with/on something。例句:Why don't you leave first?We'll catch up with you in a minute.(不如你先離開,我們很快會追上來。)On her return from the business trip, Helen had much to do to catch up with/on her work.(海倫公幹回來,有很多工作要趕上。)


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