發佈時間: 2023/08/25


昨天開始,日本將福島第一核電站經處理的核污水排海(release into the ocean),引起國際關注,喜愛日本美食的香港人當然也不例外。

Release一字有「釋放、放開」的意思,可以應用於很多語境。文首提到release into the ocean中的release指「排放」,讓物質從某處流出。例如,Vehicles release exhaust fumes into the air which can cause health issues.(車輛將廢氣釋放到空氣中,可能導致健康問題。)Can jumping help to release growth hormones?(跳躍有助於釋放生長激素嗎﹖)

Release也可以指「鬆開」。例如,You need to release the rope slowly to close the parasol.(你需要慢慢地鬆開繩子才能關閉那陽傘。)If you release the handbrake too early, the vehicle will roll back.(如果過早鬆開手剎,車輛會後退。)

Release還可以指「發洩、宣洩」情緒。譬如,You need to find ways to release your anger or it can build up.(你需要找方法來釋放你的憤怒,否則它會積聚起來。)Talking to you really helps to release my sadness.(和你傾談確實有助於釋放我的悲傷。)


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