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交通意外幾乎每天都有。猶記得學駕車(drive)時,師傅經常提醒我︰「司機的駕駛技術和態度(driving skills and attitude)欠佳,根本就是在公路上駕着殺人武器,非常危險。」

動詞drive的本義就是解「開車、駕駛」。例如,Can you drive me home tonight?(你今晚能開車送我回家嗎?)We had to drive around 300km to reach the beach.(我們要駕駛約300公里才到達海灘。)

Drive的引伸意義則生動形象,可以解「驅趕、迫使」。例句︰The farmer uses a shepherd dog to drive the sheep into the pen every day.(農夫每天都用牧羊犬把羊趕到圍欄裏。)You are driving yourself too hard.(你把自己逼得太辛苦了。)This project is driving me crazy.(這個項目快要把我逼瘋。)

Drive也可以用作名詞,解「駕車路程、幹勁魄力」。例句︰The supermarket is about a 15-minute drive from here.(超市距離這裏約15分鐘車程。)We are looking for a marketing manager with drive and ambition.(我們正在尋找一位具有幹勁魄力和雄心壯志的營銷經理。)


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