Dig in

發佈時間: 2017/10/13

Dig in

為小朋友選購背囊,最緊要舒適。肩帶必須要有軟墊,才不會挖到肩膀(dig in your shoulders)。

動詞dig本身解「挖、掘(泥土)」,例如,What are you digging in the garden early in the morning?(大清早你在花園裏挖甚麼?)You need to apply for a licence to dig up the road.(你需要申請許可才能挖掘道路。)

「Dig in your shoulders」指背囊重,肩帶壓到肩膀。例句:The straps are padded, so they won't dig in your shoulders.(肩帶有軟墊,不會挖到肩膀。)

Dig in/into還可以引伸指「動用儲蓄」,例如,He had no jobs for months and had to dig into his savings to pay for food and rent.(他幾個月沒有工作,不得不動用儲蓄來支付食物和租金。)

Dig into也可以指「挖掘未知或秘密的東西」。例句:Her boyfriend tried to dig into her past and find her weaknesses.(她的男朋友試圖挖掘她的過去,從而找出她的弱點。)

常用dig into a topic指「深入討論某話題」。例句:I really don't want to dig into this topic again.(我真的不想再重複這個話題了。)


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